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How can we help
your business?

Our cloud-based SaaS platform is designed to reward customer loyalty all the way from acquisition to retention

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Drive customer acquisition

Set your company apart from the competition and engage with your customers.

Our habitual rewards add serious value to your B2B or B2C proposition by providing your customers with relevant rewards every day.

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Engage existing customers

Become an essential part of your customers’ daily lives.

We increase your share of habit, so your business becomes an everyday touchpoint for your customers.

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Increase retention

Lock customers into your brand.

We help tie customers to your business with an unbeatable selection of “hold” rewards, making renewal even more attractive, and retention easier.

Success Story
The take up we’ve seen so far from our customers has been really amazing James frost worldpay CmO
  • Over £18,OOO,OOO worldpay customers saved
    in total
  • 92% of all customers engaged
    after one year
  • Over 1OO,OOO engaged users
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The Perkbox Loyalty Management System

From strategic rewards, to “Smart Provisioning”, here’s how we can deliver customer loyalty to your business:

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Habitual rewards

A selection of rewards that impact the habitual needs of your customers, tying your brand to their everyday habits.

Habitual rewards include high street shopping discounts, 2 for 1 meals out, and cinema tickets.

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Hero rewards

Rewards designed to tactically boost short-term engagement across the entire customer lifecycle.

Hero and switcher rewards include free cinema tickets, coffee, days out and holidays.

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Hold rewards

Lock your customers into your brand with rewards that provide ongoing services for as long as they remain members.

Hold rewards include phone insurance, gym memberships, free movie downloads and more.

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Cross-channel, branded platform

We’ll build you a fully responsive website, plus smartphone apps for iOS and Android devices.

All points of contact with your customers are fully branded, ensuring our platform appears as an extension of your products and services.

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Smart provisioning

Understanding your customers’ needs is an essential part of delivering engagement for your business.

Smart provisioning allows us to build behavioural personas, tailoring our communications and rewards, based on a user’s actions.

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Detailed insights and reporting

We use a variety of metrics to track how engaged users are with our platform.

Regular reports allow you to better understand the habits and needs of your customers, so you can improve targeting and build more relevant products in the future.

Built around
your business

Because we tailor our platform to your needs, we can deliver the most effective mix of rewards and services for your company

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B2C engagement

If your customer base is mostly consumers, our 200+ personal perks will form the backbone of your loyalty solution.

We’ll provide your customers with discounts in their favourite high street shops and major online brands, great price cinema tickets, 2 for 1 meals out – even free phone insurance. It’s all designed to reward and delight them in their day-to-day lives, impacting their habitual needs and increasing your share of habit.

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B2B engagement

If your customers are mostly business owners, we can help promote their ongoing success with a great selection of business rewards, in addition to our B2C offering.

We can offer industry relevant rewards, giving them discounts on important business services and products, so your brand becomes an integral part of their success.

Our business rewards cover marketing, technology, admin services and more.